Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The making of the famous Mr.Me to You Bear Cake

Bake-a-boo's teddy cake

I made this super cute Mr. Me to You Bear a while ago for my friend's baby shower. And a lot of people asked me how I made it and what icing tip I used to make this cake.

So... I thought I give you a glimpse of the making of Mr.Bear. I didn't take a lot of pictures of the process, I only have a couple of them but I hope these few pictures will give you some idea of how the bear was made.

I used 2 size of cakes, 6" round cakes for the body and 4" round cakes for the head.
You will also need extra 6" cake for the body parts.

Here is a glimpse of how I stacked the cakes. I carved and shaped the head first before I stacked them on to the body. I assembled the 2 layers of 6" cake for the body and then attached the 4" head.
Once this is done, I secured the cakes by putting a dowel through the center of the cake.
Once the cakes is secured and doweled, I carved and shaped Mr.Bear's body.

For the body parts, I used cake truffles from a 6" round cake and the extra from the carving. (Cake truffles is a mixture of cake crumbs mixed together with any cake filling. Just use enough filling to make the crumbs moist and shape-able)

And here it is.. a 2nd picture of Mr.Bear, half frosted and all body parts attached. He kinda looked like a panda at this stage hehehe.. I then carefully frosted him with buttercream before I started piping his fur.

This is the icing tip that I used to pipe his fur, Wilton icing tip 233 not 234 as shown in pic. I took a picture of the wrong one and I'm too lazy to take another one haha. It is the same tip that you use to make grass look frosting. Tip 234 is larger, I think you can also use this one but I like the smaller tip better because you can go inside smaller space  and also it gives more delicate fur look.

You can also find a good tutorial of how to make grass icing/frosting in Wilton website.

The nose, patch, eyes, paws and the bunny are made of fondant icing which I also attached to the bear before I piped his fur..except the bunny, I attached it after the bear is done.

When you get to this stage, all you need now are strong muscle and patience to pipe all those fur on Mr.Bear hahaha

Hope this will help you a little bit with your cake decorating adventure!

Happy baking and stay inspired!